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Business Partners

Halil İbrahim Sayar Paint has always represented quality since the day we were founded. We have always aimed to offer the best for our customers and in this direction we continue to cooperate with the most qualified brands of Turkey and even world.


Our main supplier Dyo, which offers high quality in every field, is coming at the beginning of the brands we sell in Construction, Industry and Automotive Group.


We are offering Dewilux products which are another Industrial Coatings brand of Dyo family for our customers.


Norbin, the brand that makes production in automotive by-products of the BASF group, secured its place in the market despite its new organisation.


Mirka, a global brand in its sector, exceeds expectations with its abrasive products.


The flagship of the BASF group, Glasurit produces superior German quality paints and coatings for the automotive and industrial sectors.


Baslac which offers high quality auto paint at an affordable price, is also one of member of BASF family.

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